Classic car refinish
Repairing and refinishing the body of an old car, can be notoriously difficult to do properly. Rust, dings and dents happen over time. Sun, salt and abrasive detergents fade and scratch once-shimmering paint finishes. Because paints and the process of auto body and painting have changed over the years, matching existing paint finishes is an art and a science. Achieving that flawless finish in an old car restoration requires the touch of a skilled painters and really good equipped body shops that had years of body work and paint experience – and the desire to refinish classic car to its full potential. You should make sure your car’s body is professionally prepped before painting, removing rust and dents. Paint is applied evenly to every edge and corner. When you are done, you should thoroughly inspect the body work to make sure nothing has been overlooked.
Through the years we have seen that more and more have become popular Antique (classic) car restoration, and this was one of most important question – when you dealing with very expensive and old cars how can you restore them so good that they will last much longer and the result would be better than from car producer? I can tell you – we found the answer of perfect connection between two very well-known brands – Novol and Glasurit. Novol is a company with more than 30 year of experience of car refinishes product producing. Novol for Classic cars products are now produced more than five years and have gained lot of different awards. Glasurit is a company with more than 120 year experience and they have a quite big background of knowledge. So putting these two companies together our customer can gain really good success.
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