Tools & equipment
Professional tools are for body shops to help them to increase their profitability. Main four factors are decisive: Saving Time, Saving Money, Protecting Health and Increasing Efficiency.
Experience shows that many accidents are caused by the employees' improper use of tools and by the use of defective tools and equipment. Employees shall use only tools and equipment that are in good condition. Tools shall be used only for the purpose for which they were designed. You should always check your tools, properly clean them and use correct oil in them, to avoid injuries and premature end of the tool.
Equipment is one of the most important things in every body shop. For the business first and the main task is to never slow down or stop the production, because that can lead body shop to money loss. That’s why we try to find the best solution to our customers to bring different kind of tools with best quality or equipment that they can afford and it will do its task as good it possible. We are selling tools which are for professionals, that they would to do their job and they would last as long as possible. Looking in to the market we see that there are different category of needs so for that reason we have tools in different prices, you can choose yourself, or a professional tool which will do its job or a tool which you use as a hobby. Besides all that we have our own workshop of tool repair, where expert with more than five year experience in this sphere knows how to do his job.
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