Car refinish products
The history of automotive paint dates back to just after the turn of the century. It is true that the process of coating metal, wood and stone surfaces dates back much further. However, we have to acknowledge that a true vehicle related coating began about 1900. It came of age about 1910, roughly 6 years after Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company. These coatings were products from the "varnish" category. Most were a carry over from the horse and buggy days. Much like old wood coatings, they were brushed on the surface and allowed to dry. The coating was then sanded smooth and refinished in the same manner. When a desired thickness was achieved the surface was polished. In many cases the process of painting a car took as long as 40 days. These products were not colorful. Remember, Henry always said,
"You can have a car any color you like as long as it is “black.’”
This system was used until the mid 1920’s.

Now when more than hundred years are passed, the evaluation of car refinish is unbelievable changed from just black paint to more than 200 000 different shade colors that can make magic with your eyes, from strong chameleon paints where you can see in color more than four different shades of colors. In Glasurit color box of real painted samples are more than 7000 samples. And so of this paint changes, the system how you should apply the paint is become much faster and even much easier, with technologies which has been given to us, we become more professional, faster and reliable to our customers.
Glasurit has been writing paining history for over a hundred years. Almost everyone recognizes the parrot as the symbol of quality and progress. Here you can find out how the trade mark was developed and how Glasurit has kept setting new standards with product innovations. In 1888 Max Winkelmann founded a lacquers and paints company in Hamburg. Soon thereafter he also had his own paint factory.
Main difference is to make it difference.
We represent one the world leading Refinish coating producers in the world. Car refinish coating producers who have made the basics in body shop repair systems as we know it now. Together with them we are capable to answer all your questions or to solve any problem you have appeared in your working process. We are interested and willing to resolve problems you have appeared and to find all needed answers.

This is the main difference – That we care.
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