Car refinish products - Dynacoat
With Dynacoat, you get a complete refinish paint system and outstanding color accuracy. With all Dynacoat products, you can count on top quality results, because you're using established Akzo Nobel technology that already has proven its success all over the world.
Dynacoat provides a complete car refinishing product range that measures up to the highest standards. Yet good quality does not have to be expensive. With high competitively priced products, Dynacoat stands for both quality and affordability.
When you use Dynacoat, you have access to 80.000 color formulations. Dynacoat is part of the global maintenance program of AkzoNobel Car Refinishes, so new car colors appearing in the market are made available immediately.
Dynacoat gives you powerful tools to get exactly the right color match, including an extensive box set of Color Variants, a Color Map with 8000 chips, wall charts, and both on- and offline color retrieval software.
You also benefit from a state-of-the-art complete mixing machine and all the supplies you need (labels, scales, mixing sticks etc.).
Join Team Dynacoat and boost your sales!
Dynacoat comes with an extensive personal and pro-active sales support program that is designed to help our Distributors to promote Dynacoat products.
The objective is to offer all current and future partners a support they need to grow and win new business. Therefore the Dynacoat brand proudly provides “added value” in several highly beneficial forms to its distribution partners:
  • Sales support
  • Technical support
  • Colour support
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