Car refinish products - Spectral
The SPECTRAL system consists not only of highest-quality materials manufactured from the best raw materials available on the market and using the most modern technologies, it is first and foremost a comprehensive technology based on many years of market experience and tested by the company’s R&D Lab.
The individual products of the SPECTRAL system, from putties, primers, basecoats and clearcoats to specialist additives have been selected to optimally complement each other and minimize the risk of painting errors. This makes it possible to carry out comprehensive, fast and effective repairs while retaining the technical warranty.
Spectral Base is a two-layer basecoat mixing system. The system is based on pigment pastes and resin binders that allow obtaining of nearly 50,000 colours in ready recipes and an infinite number of customised combinations. Pastes and binding agents are placed on a modern frame.
The system boasts very good hiding power improved by a set of fillers available in full range of shades of grey. Thanks to the use of high quality resins and pigments, we have obtained the highest performance product having the following properties: fast drying time, good adhesion to surfaces, excellent particle orientation and great colour fidelity. This makes paintwork repairs easy and saves time and money due to lower material consumption. Number of available pastes allows creating even the most difficult to obtain solid, metallic and pearly colours both in two and three layer scheme.
Thanks to the use of Spectral Base advanced technology we were able to develop two basecoat systems using the same pigment pastes:
  • SB-2000
  • SB-1000
What is the difference between them?
SB-2000 is a system intended for the customers looking for the highest quality. Better hiding power makes it possible to avoid at least one basecoat layer thanks to the use of high pigment content recipes.
SB-1000 is an economical version of SB-2000, which allows for affordable price of the paint blend while good quality is maintained.
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