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IRT System is separated into two units.
IRT Automotive develops, manufactures and markets our standard products to bodyshops, paint shops and the automotive industry.  IRT Industrial Curing, develops, manufactures and supplies custom-built IRT solutions to all industrial sectors. This unit is also in charge of special adaptations of the standard IRT products. Our products are internationally recognized and highly valued.
IRT is a trademark belonging to Hedson Technologies, an environmental engineering corporation and world-leading supplier of cleaning, curing and lifting equipment.
Development, Production and Sales of our equipment are concentrated to our factory in Vänersborg, Sweden. This is also where the core of our operations, the infrared heater with its gold coated reflectors, was invented. The site houses deep knowledge and extensive experience in numerous industrial applications. All custom-built equipment is designed and produced in Vänersborg, and this is also the site where we make adjustments and adaptations of turnkey products.
We continuously install and service IR equipment throughout the world. Our service team possesses leading edge competence in the field of electricity, mechanics and programming, and the team often assists clients with energy calculations in an effort to determine cost-saving measures.
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