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P.M.T. S.r.l.
P.M.T. S.r.l is CERTIFIED EN ISO9001(2000) CERTIFICATE NO. IQ-0900-10 its quality management system; for that reason it takes advantages from external skilled engineers and will achieve knowledge in all advanced technologies.
P.M.T. is an Italian company born in 1987 and specialised in the production and trade of spray guns, guns, accessories and fittings for compressed air. The firm is near Bergamo, about 30 miles in the east of Milan, one of the most developed industrial areas in Italy.
P.M.T. is a TRADEMARK born recently and unknown in this field only by appearance: the company has a wealth of experience and professionalism in the production of spray guns, guns, accessories and fittings for compressed air.
Its HISTORY began in about 1930, when GIUSEPPE STROPPA founded a company specialised in production of spray guns, accessories for compressed air and compressors; this prestigious company still existent in the present market followed several developments. At the end of 1970 Mr. FELICE PEDERSOLI, chief foreman and supervisor of that firm with Mr. DAVIDE SACCO, Mr. STROPPA's grandson continued the tradition creating the company ESSEPI, whose excellent operating result is the new company P.M.T. The great merit of P.M.T. is to have been able to reconcile perfectly a working experience handed back from generations and a modern professional and technological research.
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