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COBRA Truck Bedliner - 2K polyurethane resin-based textured protective coat. Extreme mechanical strength, scratch and solvent resistance. Protects against adverse weather conditions, petrol, oil, water and salt. Sound-proofing and sound-dampening properties. Anti-slip finish. Black as standard; available in a pigmented version to produce any colour by adding 10-15% of an acrylic topcoat or basecoat. SPECTRAL 2K or SPECTRAL BASE recommended.
  • Superior protection
  • Stain and scratch-resistant coating finish
  • Durability in all weather conditions: water-resistant, extreme temperatures, UV radiation and sea water
  • ADD – SHAKE – SPRAY: fast and easy to apply
  • Adjustable texture thickness
  • Sound-proofing for improved driving comfort
  • Compatibility with various substrates
  • Impacting visual finish
COBRA Truck Bedliner can produce various textures depending on the nozzle size and thinning proportions:
  • Coarse texture: adjustable by spraying pressure and the nozzle-to-surface distance; requires a UBS spray gun;
  • Medium texture: adjustable by adding thinner 0-5% and spraying with a con-ventional gun and a Ø 2,5 mm nozzle.
  • Fine texture (perfectly imitating plastic): when adding 25-30% thinner and applied with a conventional gun, nozzle diameter 1.4-1.8 mm.
COBRA Truck Bedliner can be applied whenever you need a durable and lasting textured protective coating witch high mechanical strength and scratch resistance. The sound-proofing and sound-dampening performance comes with the anti-slip effect of the coating texture.
The product can also be applied with brushes and rollers. Recommendations for substrate preparation
  • Remove all details not to be coated
  • Degrease with a silicone remover
  • Sand down with a sand grain suitable for the substrate (from P120 to P180)
  • Blow the substrate clean of all loose particles
  • Degrease with a silicone remover
  • Mask all surfaces not to be coated (including tapped holes and fixed details) with painter's tape and paper/plastic sheets
  • Apply an anti-corrosive protection layer (an etching primer 2K or an epoxy primer 2K); do not apply the protective coating on bare metal
  • For plastics and poorly matted substrates: use an adhesion promoting agent
  • If the product action on the substrate is uncertain, perform a thinner test: if the coating begins to dissolve after wiping with a cloth soaked in the thinner (1K), remove the coating
  • With the anti-corrosive coatings cured and properly prepared (by matting, blowing off dust and degreasing according to the specifications), apply the COBRA coating according to its Technical Data Sheet
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