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The number 1 solution when sanding
hard putty and metal
The Maxcut products have specially hardened Aluminium oxide grains, which score a 9.8 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Compared to the hardest mineral, which is industrial produced diamond with a score of 10, this is nearly the hardest existing mineral and thus perfectly suited for extremely hard sanding work. Thanks to its open structure clogging is topmost prevented.
Maxfilm stands for maximum durability
for all your sanding work
from sanding to bare metal to sanding primer
The film backing of Maxfilm allows a more direct contact with the sanding surface and prevents the grains to drop into the backing. In combination with its double anti-clogging coating this results in a significantly longer sanding life. The printed P-value on top of the disc ensures maximum ease of use.
Magic Disc
Specially developed sanding disc for e-coat and very hard, mat clear coat sanding
The Magic Disc with its film backing, the new developed diamant grain and the new generation 2.0 anti-clogging coating, has an unbelievable long sanding life on hard coatings. High aggressiveness comes together with very uniform scratches.
Yellow Film
The number 1 solution for blending zones,
with the guarantee for a perfect, non-visible transition from the old to new clear coat
The film backing in combination with a high ratio of anti-burning coating allows a cool sanding process. Consequently burning spots can be brought to a minimum and the risk of deep scratches is reduced significantly. Yellow Film is ideal for the removal of orange peel, for high gloss wood finish and for top coating sanding.
Tolex is a polish time reducing champion
with a very fine sanding scratch
The special combination of micro grain used for the production of Tolex and its innovative latex backing, results in a sanding scratch of less than 1 Micron. A scratch this fine, significantly reduces polishing time. Thanks to the dry sanding process the risk of sanding through the clear coat is brought to the minimum.
Buflex Dry
The finest abrasive for maximum polish time reduction
The ultra flexible, innovative latex backing with a unique grain structure ensures extremely uniform scratches. The especially developed female-female velcro ensures process safety and prevents scratches caused by hard velcro. Buflex remains the coating structure.
Super Assilex
The new and unique way of sanding,
uniformity and flexibility that amaze
The innovative latex backing and the unique grain structure result in extremely uniform and shallow scratches. Maximum control during primer and topcoat sanding allows up to 50% time saving. Super Assilex prevents potential problems in the rest of the sanding process.
The world champion when it comes to dry imperfection removal
Tolecut is a dry sanding system. Without the use of water it is always possible to see how far the imperfection has been removed. This ensures process safety and sanding through the clear coat can be prevented easily. Tolecut is unique in its cutting power and thanks to its flexibility when using the tolecard it is also suitable for concave and convex areas. The ease of use makes it a must have for every dent professional.
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