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Rust converter
  • No need to remove rust. FERTAN® pulverizes it and detaches it
  • With FERTAN® rust is converted into an ideal paint base
  • FERTAN® eliminates sanding, deep brushing, sandblasting
  • The only sure, irreplaceable rust proofing system for new or old steel structures
What is FERTAN
  • FERTAN® is a patended product, which pulverizes rust and leaves a layer of blackened metal.
  • FERTAN® does not leave acid surfaces, nor does it convert the rustfilm into a dry film. Simply it converts it into inert dust and detaches it
  • FERTAN® uncovers the clean metal and clings to it with a film which protects it from possible attacks
  • FERTAN® has a double action : it carrier on dissolving the rust and it combines with the underlying surface.
  • On the surface FERTAN® forms a layer of ferro-tannic non-soluble compounds
  • FERTAN® may be applied both on slightly rusty metals and hard rust, as well as on bare metal to protect it from future rust.
  • FERTAN® is an aqueous solution, penetrating everywhere under joints and even under paint cracks
  • FERTAN® can be applied on damp or wet surfaces. It is harmless to plastic, rubber, chrome and already painted surfaces
  • FERTAN® is only active in contact with iron or rust. It can be washed off from any other surfaces by water
  • FERTAN® is non-flammable
  • FERTAN® provides long-term protection, as long as the surface is treated or protected by a coating system
  • FERTAN® can be applied out of doors in any weather condition, apart from frosty weather
  • Remove loose rust and scale if possible
  • Apply FERTAN® with brush, roller, sponge or spray
  • 1 litre covers approximately 12 – 15 square metres ( 1 KG = 2,2 lbs - 108 sq ft ) of oxydized metal surface
  • FERTAN® reacts well on wet surfaces and in very dam/wet conditions. In dry conditions wet the surfaces by light waterfog
  • FERTAN® is advisable, however to wait 48 hours at least and check that the rust is completely converted to a black layer
  • FERTAN® treated iron can wait several weeks for the next coat of paint or rustproofing treatment
  • Before painting or protecting the fertanized surfaces it is advisable to wash the work with water hose or remove the black dust ( not the layer ) from rust conversion with a rag
  • FERTAN® can by applied on any other rustproofing treatment and is recommended for maintenance interventions on previously painted oxydizes areas
  • On light paint, any spattering of FERTAN® should be washed off within 1 hour of application
  • FERTAN® is a dark liquid with a characteristic aromatic odour, slightly acid and a specific weight of 1.18
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of running water
  • Shelf life is practically, in closed containers, unlimited
  • Formation of sediment during prolonged storage does not take affect
  • In case of leaking or breakage of containers it is recommended to dry with sawdust and wash with water
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