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We are aware that innovation is essential to deliver high quality. Cartec has its own modern laboratory. Experienced specialists are here daily to monitor, develop, test and renew the formulation of our products. Survey of our customers plays an essential role in this process. We test our products worldwide in varying circumstances and different climates. It enables us to constantly produce innovative products that meet the high demands of our professional customers.
Professional preparation and presentation of vehicles is a recognized skill. It requires optimum products with a perfect service. Our basis for an excellent partnership! Cartec is an established name in the field of Car Reconditioning. Cartec was founded in 1986 and has since experienced unprecedented growth, with the products being exported worldwide. The Cartec products are developed and produced in-house and are known for their high quality. In addition, the products are particularly effective in use. With an extensive product range, Cartec offers the ideal solution for the professional user of automotive reconditioning products.
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