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Automotive Solutions from Henkel
As  the global leader in adhesive, sealant and functional coatings technologies for the automotive industry, we create competitive advantage for our customers along the entire value chain of car manufacturing. And we partner with our customers right from the start, so that we understand their needs and develop tailored solutions - for today and tomorrow.
Henkel’s TEROSON is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing in automotive body, vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) applications and industrial assemblies.
TEROSON solutions enable our customers to improve their production/application processes and product quality, resulting in improved profitability. TEROSON system solutions fully meet our customers’ quality expectations and global standards.
TEROSON solutions enable our customers to efficiently and effectively develop next-generation products or repair, conserve and protect vehicle bodies in these industries:
Vehicle Repair and Maintenance - Glass repair, body repair, coating and equipment for:
  • Passenger car maintenance
  • Heavy-duty truck and bus maintenance 
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Service parts for vehicle manufacturers in agriculture, construction, small engine and automotive OEMs
Automotive Body - Bonding, sealing, coatings, reinforcing and stiffening of car bodies and components in body shop, paint shop and trim shop for:
  • Cars (passenger cars, light commercial vehicle)
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • Medium & Heavy Duty Truck
    • Bus & Coach
  • Motorcycle
Automotive Components:
  • Interior
  • Exterior
Industrial Assembly - Structural bonding, industrial sealing and coating in:
  • Construction (prefabricated elements, roofing systems, facade systems, transportation networks, civil engineering)
  • Vehicle (road/special vehicles, watercraft, rail vehicle, intermodal transport, vehicle components)
  • Electrical & Optical (cable networks, electrical devices, data storage)
  • Mechanical Engineering (filtration, air/water treatment, power generation, tooling, foundry)
  • Appliances Industries (white/brown goods, heaters, air conditioning, sports equipment)
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