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The TEMCA GmbH has been successfully operating on the market for hygiene products for over two decades. The daily business is dedicated to the distribution of supplies and dispenser systems. Our brands are offering a wide range of nonwoven fabrics, tissue and airlaid products.
  • need-based cleaning products
  • 80% of our 500  products is produced in Germany
  • ability to make quick decisions
  • long-term professional experience
Product Variety
  • very high flexibility for special products
  • 'private label' with special dimensions possible
  • large disposable medical program
  • continuous expansion of the range
Customer Proximity
  • sales consultants with years of experience and top education
  • distribution with approved dealers
  • our service staff will provide you advisory support
  • fast and flexible response to customer requests
  • quality assurance at the highest level
  • continual review and improvement of the production process
  • usage of high quality materials
  • sustainable production and endeavor to protect the environment
The TEMCA GmbH is a solid mid-sized company based in Thuringia. Our team consists of experienced employees with in-depth knowledge. Years of experience and continuous training make our employees to become skilled in their fields. Our service team is available to advise you and support you concerning your order. Our production staff is constantly seeking the high quality of our products. The sales consultants are supporting you and your company in germany and abroad with skilled knowledge.
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