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FIDI - Authority in the surface technology
Nearly since over 20 years FIDI is an international operating company, which is motivated to satisfy each demanding customer. By reason of our professionalism we offer products and services of excellent quality by optimal cost-efficiency. Our intension is to save valuably resources and however to optimise actual costs!
We offer adequate expert knowledge and Know-How for thousands of distillers in segment of surface technology, pharmacy, printing industry, varnish manufacturer and fabricator, handcraft and other areas of application. Besides the solvent recycling we attend to the problem of waste water treatment in water varnish sector, processing process water (for example defatting), cleaning spray guns and equipment and we offer interesting solutions in cooperation with you and your requirement and ideas.
Our heat- and solvent-resistant recbags made out of polyamide are to be used for different production lines as also for medical engineering. In segment of work clothes (functional clothing) you will find our new product. It also had been enveloped in cooperation with our partners and it is designed for area clean room and surface technology.
At our location Buchholz (near by Hamburg) we have a modern pilot plant station, where we can operate test runs with you. corporately with worldwide operating partners FIDI disposes of an efficient and area-wide networking. This allows a maximum of flexibilty to be quickly responsive to the requirements of the market.
„Think global - act local“!
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