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Founded in 1924 as a traditionally-run family company, Horn & Bauer is today the leading expert in production and finishing of functional protection and packaging film. We are a medium-sized, international company with more than 350 employees. Quality, environmental protection and the safeness of our clients and staff are our main focus.
In this category we would like to present the focus themes of our collaboration with our clients. Learn more about our production facilities and about the adapted use of know-how and service.
In addition, we would like to explain – to all interested “film-amateurs” – how film is produced and what it can be – following the motto “Film is more than bags!”
We maintain the highest production standards.
We give absolute priority to the optimum handling of our products.
The following shows the clear advantages of our products:
  • Rationalisation through time and material savings
  • Increased safety for people and product
  • Positive effect on the environment and resources through recyclable material components and cyclic systems
User training, not only in production but also in the workshop, guarantees you the best possible use of our products in day-to-day production.
Customer orientation
Being the customer, you set our standards. You are the focal point of our work. Our products are often used alongside your manufacturing process. This results in our following aims:
  • We aim to individually realise your requirements through innovative ideas.
  • All product components should be in a balanced relationship between costs and use.
  • We aim to support, simplify or improve your processes with our products.
Training and instruction are used to achieve the optimum use of our products. The correct solution should be available to you at the right time and with guaranteed quality to contribute to the success of your product.
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