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Since 2008 Ltd "Baltic Car Color Service" has come up with a new product line "Stonder", which is internationally recognized and protected trade mark. "Stonder" trademark over the years has gained recognition from Lithuania, as well as from foreign customers. Based on the experience and success as well as our customer survey results, we chose the best and necessary materials for auto body repairs, which are included in the "Stonder" assortment. These materials can work for both - professionals and amateurs working in standard and simple body shop conditions.
The product range is constantly being updated and expanded with new and really good quality products that are searched by our customer’s needs. At the moment, "Stonder" assortment includes the following products: finished base and acrylic car paints, HS varnishes, HS primers, fillers, hardeners, anti-corrosive agents, dye sprays, solvents, protective films, sanding papers, spraying cans and other products. Currently, "Stonder" is produced in eight European Union countries.
Excellent quality and good price - these are the main qualities that have always are characterized by "Stonder" products!
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