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Since 2003 company RAGS Ltd introduced into the market our own brand product line GLOBO, which is completely self-developed and internationally registered trade mark
Based to our more than 20 years’ experience and careful tests we have chosen the best and most requested car refinishing materials, which we included in our private brand GLOBO. Our products are tested in laboratories and we are certain that they are acceptable for Baltic weather conditions.
These materials are suitable for highly professional master as well for non-professionals.
Therefore GLOBO is positioned in two quality levels:
  • Globo – wide product assortment for good price
  • Globo Profy – qualitative car refinishing materials for professionals
At a moment in GLOBO product assortment have been included ready-made acrylic car paints, clear coats, hardeners, thinners, primers and fillers, putties, rust protection materials, windshield and PU sealants, different type of spray cans, masking tapes and double-sided tapes, wiping towels and hand cleaning products as well professional car care materials and polishing pads and pastes.
GLOBO and GLOBO Professional materials are suitable for professional car repair as well for DIY's.
Perfect quality and good price are main GLOBO characteristics, and therefore these materials are so much requested in all markets.
Since 2004 company RAGS actively started to work on export. GLOBO products are mainly going for export to Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kaliningrad, Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway and Poland.
From time to time GLOBO car refinishing materials are supplemented with new products, and that is done based to requests and needs of our customers, but at the same time it is done with great investigation and analysis of the market which gives an approval that new product introduction in necessary and will be profitable.
Constantly stable quality is the main success of GLOBO identification.
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